The art of smoking a cigar

P.G.C. Hajenius has turned leaning how to enjoy a cigar into a genuine art form. This page provides all of the courses at a glance. Why not sign up?

The Hajenius ‘Enjoy a Cigar’ (Genietend Roken) course, a genuine introduction to the secrets of a good cigar.

The title of the course was carefully chosen. After attending the course, you will enjoy smoking a good cigar even more. During the evening programme, we focus on several facets that play an important role in this experience. more about Enjoy a Cigar

Join the Hajenius ‘Enjoy a Long filler’ course to learn all about this exceptional cigar type.

Met de Hajenius cursus 'Genieten van een longfiller' maakt u uitgebreid kennis met dit bijzondere type sigaar.

During this course, you will have an opportunity to experience just how much pleasure you can derive from these cigars. We will smoke two different types and you will learn all about them. To start off with, how they differ from the short filler; the world-famous ‘Dutch cigar’. Then we will look at the origins and characteristics of the different tobacco types. Attention will also be paid to lighting the cigar – you may ask what’s so special about this, but you’d be amazed how much care this requires. We then examine the subtle smelling and tasting nuances characteristic of the different types and, finally, we will look at how best to store a good cigar. more about Enjoy a Long filler

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