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On Saturday 19 March, P.G.C. Hajenius is organising ‘The Ultimate Pipe Experience’. During the day, the store will focus on everything that goes with pipes and pipe smoking.

In 5 different areas, both beginners and dyed-in-the-wool pipe-smokers will be treated to a range of activities. Have a chat about the latest developments when it comes to tobacco pipes by Het Huis Gubbels, or create your own, personalised pipe tobacco with master-blender Iris Hols. Are you an unexperienced pipe-smoker? No problem! In our workshop, you can learn about its history, the production process and even learn the technique of pipe filling. Need a bit of a break? Take a seat in the chair at Barber Amsterdam and indulge in a free, authentic shave or have a drink in our lounge.

Entrance is free so Hajenius Amsterdam is the place to be on 19 March for anyone who is interested in pipe smoking!

For more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1546144845697028/

Have you ever wanted to see how a hand rolled cigar is made?
Usually you would have to visit the Caribbean to witness this handcraft.

House Hajenius has made it easier for you;
You only have to come down to Amsterdam on the 26th of September, to see it for yourself!

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You are more than welcome to come visit us!

When Dik Nooij started working at Hajenius in 1965, the gentlemen’s room was the manager’s office. As the store enlarged over the years, the back area was made accessible for customers. In the gentlemen’s room customers can enjoy a nice cigar in peace and quiet. Nooij has seen many meetings take place in the gentlemen’s room. Nooij: ‘The gentlemen’s room is a very likeable place for people who are seeking a different setting for their meetings. It’s probably one of the most quiet rooms that can be found in the city centre. I have witnessed many meetings being concluded with champagne and Cohiba cigars. A sure sign of a successful meeting.’

My own blend - blend your own pipe tobacco
P.G.C. Hajenius has expanded with a my own blend area wherein you can blend your own pipe tobacco. Your tobacco recipe will be saved which enables you to always request your unique tobacco blend. Recently, the Dutch Pipe Smoker became acquainted with my own blend at Hajenius and he wrote an animated report.

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