My own blend - blend your own pipe tobacco
P.G.C. Hajenius has expanded with a my own blend area wherein you can blend your own pipe tobacco. Your tobacco recipe will be saved which enables you to always request your unique tobacco blend. Recently, the Dutch Pipe Smoker became acquainted with my own blend at Hajenius and he wrote an animated report.

Dutch Pipe Smoker:
'When I entered the store I saw two people behind the big marble counter. An elder man and a young attractive girl. I turned to the geezer and asked if it was possible to get an own blend made. "Of course", he said, "my colleague will help you", while pointing at the young girl. Ehrr... ok... ... I asked the girl if she had the ingredients I wanted, of course I already had a recipe in mind. She produced some papers with numbered tobacco descriptions on them that corresponded with the numbers on the jars. But, I must say this, she did not need those papers. She had memorized what was in the jars and even knew the tobacco descriptions by heart. Besides that the girl told me she was trained by Scandinavian Tobacco master-blender Lasse Berg, quite impressive.'

Read the entire report from the Dutch Pipe Smoker here.

The new pipe display cabinet and the My own blend area at Hajenius


1 – Determining your choice of tobacco


2 – Blending your tobaccos


3 - Your unique my own blend tobacco


The Hajenius year cigar
The history of the House of Hajenius is intertwined with the history of Amsterdam. The now world renowned city centre of Amsterdam originated four hundred years ago on a swamp named 'Aemstelle'. With the year cigar Aemstelle, Hajenius brings homage to the historic city centre of Amsterdam which is celebrating its four hundred year anniversary.


The limited edition Aemstelle year cigar is a slim corona made of a delicate Sumatra wrapper, filled with a character ridden Brazilian binder of the type Arapiraca Alto, Capa III. Its unique interior consists of a blend of tobaccos from Brazilë (region of Mata Fina), Indonesiaë and Cuba.

Aemstelle is on sale now and offers a unique taste sensation to the aficionado who wants nothing less than to be enchanted by a high quality Hajenius cigar.


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