Although there are cigars in an infinite number of sorts and sizes they all have the same basic anatomy: the inner leaves, the binder leaf, and the wrapper. The inner leaves can be processed in one of two ways, which creates the distinction between short filler and long filler cigars. The inner leaves of short filler cigars are comprised of fine shreds from a variety of types of tobacco - sometimes 20 or more.

The inner leaves of long filler cigars are comprised of whole tobacco leaves from no more than two types. These cigars are usually made in Central America and the Caribbean. People who prefer a silky, mild flavour opt for a thicker cigar. Why? Because a thicker cigar burns at a lower temperature, which provides for more complete combustion - and which, in turn, is beneficial to the flavour. Conversely a thinner cigar burns at a slightly higher temperature, which can result in a slightly more pungent flavour. However there is also another reason for the milder, fuller and richer flavour of a thicker cigar: the inner leaves, binder and wrapper are in better balance with each other, which results in a broadly developed and mature aroma.

Hajenius has a variety of models, of which the most important are:


A slim elegant model, ideal for a shorter smoking moment. As a result of its modest diameter its develops an aroma that strikes a balance between mild and pungent. A light cigar.


Great smoking pleasure, packaged in a traditional model. It requires about as much time as a cigarillo, but has a slightly milder flavour. You place the broad end in your mouth and light the tapered end.


The most popular model- and one can see why. It combines the richer aroma of larger models with the shorter smoking time of the smaller ones. It is the ideal cigar for smokers with a little less time to spare, and for those searching for an introduction to the world of the cigar.

Wilde select

The 'wilde select' is a senoritas with an uncut end. It is a delicious, balanced cigar that owes its name to its somewhat undisciplined 'foot'.


The distinguishing feature of panatellas is the lenght, which is rather long in proportion to their diameter. This elegant model is particularly favoured by women, and by younger smokers. 


The corona is the ultimate after-dinner cigar. For the blender this model is a demonstration of his skill. It offers him the opportunity to achieve an optimally balanced combination of inner leaves, binder and wrapper.

Provided they are manufactured properly of course, Dutch coronas have an ideal burning temperature and therefore unprecedented mildness. Set aside an hour or so for a corona.

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