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Different Models, Same Anatomy

There are many variations and sizes of cigars, but handmade cigars are traditionally constructed in the same way:

Filler: two types of processing possible.

The filler of the cigar determines initially whether the cigar will be a long filler or a short filler. The filler of the short filler cigar consists of very fine tobacco shreds, often composed of up to 20 types of tobacco. The filler of the long filler, on the other hand, is composed of whole tobacco leaves of at most a few types of tobacco. Long fillers are mainly found in Central America and the Caribbean.

A thicker cigar has a lower burning temperature, making charring almost impossible. This enhances the flavor and is especially suitable for those who prefer a silky smooth taste. Additionally, in thicker cigars, the three components (filler, binder, and wrapper) are better balanced, resulting in a mature flavor profile. With a thinner cigar, the burning temperature is higher, and the smoke has a slightly spicier taste. It's all a matter of preference.

Depending on the length, width, and finishing of the ends, different models have emerged, each with its own name. Below are the main models of cigars.

A cigarillo is a small, thin cigar. Cigarillos are light cigars suitable for short smoking moments. They have a spicy taste that transitions into a smooth aftertaste. The word "cigarillo" comes from Spanish.

The señoritas is a very accessible option for people smoking their first cigar. A señoritas combines the rich aroma of larger cigars with the shorter smoking time of the smaller models. This model has ends that are straight-cut.

Wild Cigar:
The wild cigar has a shaggy foot. The name comes from the rather disorganized and 'wild' fire end.

Tuitknak cigars are slightly shorter than the señoritas but have a similar smoking time. The taste is slightly spicier, and the cigar is packaged in an authentic model.

The Corona is familiar to non-smokers as well. This large and wide model has a smoking time of about an hour and is the cigar par excellence for quiet moments like after dinner. The Corona is crafted with great skill, and the filler, binder, and wrapper are ideally matched. The Corona has a smooth taste due to its wider shape and the ideal burning temperature.

A Panatella is a long but relatively narrow cigar. Thanks to this shape, the taste is similar to that of a Corona, but due to the shorter smoking time, the cigar is suitable for any occasion. It is an elegant model appreciated especially by women and young smokers.

The Robusto is a relatively thick cigar. The shape creates a rich and full flavor profile, making this cigar especially suitable for connoisseurs.

This model is named after the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The Churchill is perhaps the most robust and thick model on the market. The flavor profile is very varied, and during the long smoking time, various aromas emerge.

The name of this model suggests the shape. The Torpedo does indeed have a pointed end and comes in various lengths and thicknesses, each of which influences the taste. Also known as a figurado variant.

Other Models:
And so there are many other lengths, ring gauges, and shapes. See this perfect example if you're looking for a specific ring gauge:
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