The Rokin in Amsterdam, has been home to one of the most illustrious cigar houses in Europe since 1914: the Huis Hajenius.

The history of Hajenius goes back to 1826. In this year, the 19-year old Pantaleon Gerhard Coenraad Hajenius moved from the place where it all started, Doesburg, to Amsterdam. With one dream: opening a cigar shop which only sold the very best products. The young Hajenius turned out to be a phenomenal entrepreneur. How else can you explain how he came to settle at the Rijnstroom hotel on the Vijgendam? There could have been no better location to fulfil his ambition.

There, he found a well-to-do clientele just a stone's throw from the tobacco trading centre with 30 cigar manufacturers. He had his own Hajenius cigars made by the best cigar-makers, using top quality tobacco. He was immediately successful. Dignitaries knew where to find him. As did industrialists and even Royal houses. His cigars found their way across borders. His store quickly became too small and he moved to a location on the Dam.

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